Monday, October 6, 2008

Embracing what life brings you

Hi Ladies,

I went through an excruciating experience this evening known portraits. Though I will share more on the subject next week, I have to say that my sweet husband continued to share his thoughts about my level of stress. His thoughtfulness was a little more than I desired, and I wanted to share my feelings on the subject right back; as in, Listen sweet cheeks, if you think I can get six children scrubbed, identically matched and STILL attired at the time of pictures, with hair in the right place, and fingers not in their noses, and noboby fighting, crying, pinching or whatever else they can think of, AND NOT BE STRESSED, YOUUUU are the one that's crazy.

It has caused me to reflect, however, on the importance of doing just what he was trying so nobly to suggest--in the thick of it, enjoy it, and simply embrace what is. Easier said than done with six young children. But he is, actually, right (you didn't hear it from me). And now I think, I should really have tried to relax and just enjoy that if someone had a fight and there was blood spurting all over their nicely matched clothes, it would, in the end, be a more realistic picture of our lives than standing with our legs resting casually on a fence and our arms casually draped over our loved ones. So live the dream, or endure the photo shoot.

All my best,

Executive LIFECoach
President, LIFEChange
Thriving mother of six

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Melody said...

Hi Connie,
So excited that you have a blog now! I have enjoyed listening to you at BYU Ed. Week, on AM570, Grapebine, through email, & now here. You always put life into perspective. Thanks for sharing your amazing talents!