Saturday, November 15, 2008

Paying attention to those inconvenient thoughts

Hi Ladies,

I've learned again the power of listening to those inconvenient "I wonder if I should/I don't really feel like it" thoughts, that occur especially when I'M NOT THAT INTERESTED OR JUST TOO BUSY THANK YOU.

Our sons go to a charter school which translates into mom driving two ways each day. At the start of the school my first efficient thought was carpool but the inconvenient thought came to me that driving with them would be a good thing.

Amazingly, this drive to and fro has been one of the most powerful, connecting, and growing experiences we have had together. For just 12 minutes each direction, I get actual SCOOPS--not just, "Fine", but actual sentences, with expressions, from both boys.

Most mornings we read a bit of scriptural text (keeps things calm) which has led us to various discussions, even the unlikely topic of abortion. I've also gotten the 411 on what goes on in the school halls, what assignments are actually due and when, and know about school events BEFORE THEY OCCUR. And, my 15-year-old's new obsession this year of checking his grades DAILY rubbed off on my 12-year-old (first year of junior high). Suddenly, they two of them had an unspoken competition of who could get the better grades, with my eldest actually making honor roll (and the younger just a few points behind).

I'm so thankful for listening, at least this time, to the inefficient thought of driving them myself, and enjoying the fruits of our labors. This week, I invite you to listen to those insistent, recurring, inconvenient yet would be good for me thoughts, whatever they might be, and give one a try. You might be pleasantly surprised ten-fold.

All my best,

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