Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Connie Interviews Heather Madder!

Join me and my selected guests as they weekly share fabulous success principles for your life, home, and business to get balanced, get results, and find joy. If you want to achieve a goal or discover a dream, if you need a boost for the week or a boot in the bum, this show is for all women who want to live! Every Thursday from 10 am to 11 am MST log on and listen live www.planetarystreams.com. Members of the Life is Too Short for One Hair Color Member Site can use their code to log in to archive shows.

This Week's Guests: Heather Madder
www.HeatherMadder.comInspiring Others to create their lives from Love, Light, Truth and Abundance
Be Free by living from your highest self. The conditioned mentality of this 'earth school' environment is fear, scarcity, & limitation. But we are not human beings, we are spirit beings. This means that we are already love, peace, abundance, freedom, and perfect worth. We don't obtain these things by pursuing a never-ending task list, which over focuses on doing. Rather, we return to and recover them through awakening, removing blocks, and partnering with the Divine in us and the Divine in the universe. When we have connected to being, then we act; action from spirit has power, clarity, and leads to joy.

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